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Kids Club Ely

Kids Club Ely Ltd St John's Community Room St John's Road Ely CB6 3BW


Kids Club Ely is open from 7.30 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday during term time and 8am - 6pm during school holidays. Offering Childcare for children aged birth to 12 years. Our aim is to provide a happy, safe, and stimulating environment where our children can have fun.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  • All bookings must be made through our online booking system
  • All bookings are subject to availability.
  • The person making the booking accepts the booking conditions on behalf of the account holder
  • All bookings must be paid for at time of booking unless you are paying by Childcare Vouchers/Tax Free Childcare.

 Cancellation Notice and Charges:

  • It is the account holder’s responsibility to cancel sessions.
  • Any booked sessions which are not attended are still charged.
  • Holiday bookings can not be amended once booked
  • Any booked sessions which are not attended are still charged.
  • All bookings must be made prior to arriving onsite. If you arrive at a site and have not booked your child will not be accepted until a booking is made.

 Payments and Overdue Balances

  • Types of payment available are Credit/Debit card, Childcare Voucher or Tax Free Childcare.
  • When paying by Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare, please use your child’s full name as the payment reference.
  • Having an overdue balance may lead to the termination of your child’s place within the club.
  • Kids Club Ely Ltd will pass any unrecovered fees to an external debt collection agency. Any fees associated with the debt collection will be passed on to the debtor.

 Late Collection Fees:

  • A charge of £1 per 1 minute will be applied to all collections made after the advertised session end time.

 Safeguarding and Welfare:

  • We are committed to safeguarding all the children in our care from harm and abuse.
  • Kids Club Ely Ltd are obligated to report any suspected child abuse or neglect to the relevant authorities.
  • Parents must inform Kids Club Ely Ltd of any conditions that may affect their child (medical, learning, behavioural, etc). If full information is not provided, this may result in Kids Club Ely Ltd excluding them from certain activities or if it felt necessary, excluding them from using Kids Club Ely Ltd.  In such circumstances no refund or credit will be paid.


 If your child requires medication of any sort, including an inhaler, the following must be in place before your child can attend:

  • Completed Health Care Plan, please contact who will email this to you
  • Permission to Administer medication form, please contact who will email this to you

Please note: If the above is not in place, your child will not be able to attend the session


  • Children can only be collected by an adult over the age of 16 who has been authorised to collect them which is done by the parent adding collectors on their account as a collector.


  • Kids Club Ely Ltd reserves the right to exclude or refuse any person without notice, if we consider that their presence compromises the good atmosphere of the club. Transport home will be the responsibility of the parent and no refund/credit will be available.

 Forced Closures:

  • If Kids Club Ely Ltd is forced to close due to an external factor such as bad weather, infectious or contagious disease outbreak, Power cut, Teacher Strikes or other industrial action, by order of Local Authority or Environmental Health, customers will still be liable for fees incurred during the entire period of closure.

 Schedule Changes:

  • Kids Club Ely Ltd may need to amend activity programmes, schedules, services, dates, times and/or venues on occasions that may be out of our control. This will be without refund or compensation to the customer.


  • Kids Club Ely Ltd occasionally take photographs and videos at our venues which can be used for marketing and promotional purposes, including on social media. If you would rather your child was not included in any photographs, please ensure your child’s details are up to date.


  • If you or your child were not entirely satisfied with the services we provided, we would appreciate the feedback.  Please see our complaints procedure for official steps.  If you feel the complaint outcome is insufficient or would like to escalate your grievance further, please email Cathy Price of Kids Club Ely Ltd on


  • Kids Club Ely Ltd does not accept liability for personal injury or death of any participants unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its servants.
  • Kids Club Ely Ltd take no responsibility for any items that are lost/stolen or damaged at the club.

 Lost Property:

  • On request, Kids Club Ely Ltd will endeavour to return items that can be identified. Postage costs of lost property are the responsibility of the parent. Holiday Club lost property will be distributed to local charities two weeks after the school holiday.

 Parent Abuse of staff:

  • The threat or use of physical violence, verbal abuse, intimidation or harassment towards our staff is likely to result in a termination of all direct contact. Such incidents may be reported to the police and this will always be the case if physical violence is used or threatened.

 Data Protection:

  • Kids Club Ely Ltd collect personal details for you and your child to register and enable us to process your booking.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary permission to pass on the personal details of everyone required.  Kids Club Ely Ltd may hold some of your details for future marketing purposes. Please let us know if you do not want to receive future communication from Kids Club Ely Ltd.
  • For Kids Club Ely Ltd policies and procedures, please visit:
  • Parents must agree to the terms and conditions of our booking system to book with us.