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Cheqdin is a smart new easy-to-use yet powerful childcare software and mobile app for out of school clubs, nurseries and pre-schools. Our tailor-made software has been built from the ground up, closely working with childcare providers from the industry. With power packed nursery management features such as paperless digital attendance, staff clock in out, ad hoc bookings and parent engagement features, we help childcare providers get on the digital ladder with ease, help increase revenue by optimizing performance & improve overall productivity whilst remaining the most affordable Childcare software solution. Cheqdin’s robust cloud based software is built with the latest industry standards in security and can be accessed at your fingertips anytime and anywhere with complete peace of mind.

Keeping It Simple

If you’ve stayed away from childcare software because they seemed too complicated and expensive, Cheqdin is everything you’ve been waiting for.
Simple, affordable, secure and with a clean and intuitive interface – you will find yourself a convert with our seamless nursery management and communication software! You don’t need a squad of tech-savvy staff or long-winded user manuals to get your head around Cheqdin’s easy-to-use software. But if you do need support at any point all you need to do is give our friendly team a shout.

Nursery management software for nurseries and after school clubs

Future-Proof Your Business

If you think sharing nursery photos on a conventional social media platform is secure enough and ad-hoc emails are engaging enough to communicate with and retain the interest of parents, think again. Stay ahead of the curve and give your business a boost with Cheqdin’s new generation nursery management software. Cheqdin can help you move on smoothly from old-fashioned paper-based nursery management and transform gracefully into a digitalized, efficient, modern and secure childcare system – at an affordable price.

Why You’ll Love Our Platform

Our paperless tools for attendance management, reporting, incident and event management will make sure you can finally lift a good bit of burden off your overworked printer and those office cupboards bursting with endless heaps of paperwork. And of course, your staff will thank you for the extra time they get to spend with the children!

Our Features at a Glance

Event Notifications

Get event notifications and invites for meetings across to parents with the touch of a button and give parents the convenience of saving the dates to their calendars instantly.

Attendance Management

Digitalize children’s attendance sheets, improve security with secure pins for signing in and out, and keep parents posted with real time notifications.

Staff clock in-out

Enable digitalized attendance clocking-in for your staff and maintain accurate records of their work hours for easier billing and invoicing.

Occupancy management

Keep track of staff-children ratio and manage occupancy levels efficiently with reports from a live dashboard.

Parent Collaboration

Keep parents updated with real-time alerts and let them be a part of their child’s day away from them.

Reports and Insights

Make key decisions to drive your business with reports and actionable insights from your live dashboards.

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