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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Thank you for subscribing to Cheqdin Childcare Software. If, for any reason, You are not completely satisfied with a purchase We invite You to review our policy on refunds and cancellations.

The following terms are applicable for any products that You purchased with Us.


1. Introduction

1.1    We understand that sometimes you may wish to cancel your subscription.

1.2    We have created this policy to enable you to cancel your subscription with us.

1.3    This policy shall apply to all of our customers, irrespective of their geographical location.

1.4    This policy shall apply to all subscription orders submitted through our website https://cheqdin.com

1.5    This document does not affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer where provided for by law.


2. Interpretation and Definitions

2.1 Interpretation

The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions.

The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or in plural.


2.2 Definition

(a)    You means the individual accessing or using the Service, or the company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Service, as applicable.

(b)    Company (referred to as either “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement) refers to Databotix Ltd (Trading as Cheqdin Childcare Software), 6 International Avenue, Cirrus Building, ABZ Business Park, AB21 0BH, United Kingdom.

(c)    Service refers to the Website, cloud-based platform and mobile applications of Cheqdin.

(d)    Website refers to Cheqdin Childcare Software, accessible from https://cheqdin.com

(e)    Subscription refer to the items offered for sale on the Service.

(f)    Orders mean a request by You to purchase a Subscription from Us.


3. Your Order Cancellation Rights

In order to exercise Your right of cancellation, You must inform Us of your decision by means of a clear statement. You can inform us of your decision by:

(a)    By online account: Cancellations can be made any time by visiting your ‘My Account’ > ‘Subscriptions’ page on our web portal (website) by logging in to your account or by contacting (Cheqdin customer service) in your region.

(b)    By email: support@cheqdin.com

(c)    By visiting this page on our website: https://cheqdin.com/contact-us/

(d)    By phone number: +443339874252

(e)    By post: Cheqdin Childcare Software, C/o Databotix Limited, 6 International Avenue, Cirrus Building, ABZ Business Park, AB21 0BH, United Kingdom


4. Cancellation Policy

4.1       You can cancel your subscription by visiting your My Account’ > ‘Subscriptions’ page on our web portal (website) by logging in to your account or by contacting (Cheqdin customer service) in your region.

4.2       The only valid method for cancelling your Plan is via the cancellation link provided on your user “subscriptions” page, accessible after logging in to the Cheqdin Childcare Software web portal. Requests to cancel by e-mail or phone are not considered and do not accomplish cancellation.

4.3       Once you cancel your subscription, you will not lose access immediately.

4.4       Your membership will continue through the end of your current charge cycle. For example: If your credit card is charged on the 10th of the month and you cancel on April 25th, you will not lose access until the May 10th.

4.5       We in our sole discretion, without any liability and prejudice, can cancel your access to Cheqdin’s web portal or mobile applications; if you are found to be in breach of any our terms and conditions specified in our Terms of Use, EULA, AUP and Privacy Policy.

Your free trial or paid account access will be cancelled at our sole discretion if we have necessary proof that you created the account by providing false/incomplete or fake details. For more details, refer our acceptable use policy


5. Refunds

Cooling-off period explained: You get a 14-day cooling-off period on any subscription purchase; whether it is a monthly or annual plan. Please note that refunds are available for purchases of first-time subscriptions only, and the refund total is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

You are entitled to cancel Your subscription within 14 days without giving any reason for doing so.

No refunds will be given for renewals or existing paid plan upgrades (boosts).

We are unable to offer reimbursement beyond the initial 14 days. Once this time has passed, we’re here to help you make the most of your subscription by taking full advantage of the service features.

We will issue a full refund when you cancel your subscription within the subscription’s first 14 days. Otherwise, your subscription is set to auto-renew and we follow these refund policies:

  • We don’t offer refunds for monthly or annual plans after 14 days following the first payment of your subscription with us.
  • We don’t offer refunds for any renewal payments, upgrades for any existing paid plans (boosts). Seven days before a monthly or annual subscription renews, we’ll send an email to the registered email address for the account letting you know you’re scheduled for a subscription payment. If you don’t want your subscription to renew automatically, you can cancel your subscription with us.

Auto-renewals: Please note, if you purchase a subscription service from Cheqdin website, you are purchasing an ongoing subscription with recurring fees that will continue until cancelled. This means that your subscription will renew automatically based on your billing cycle. A subscription can be cancelled at any time — the service will then expire at the end of the current billing period. This will stop future payments of the subscription fees but, beyond the first 14-day cancellation period, you will not receive a refund for payments already made.


6. Request a refund

If you believe you’re eligible for a refund, contact us by emailing support@cheqdin.com or by using any of the methods stated in your order cancellation rights section. We review every refund request we receive and aim to respond within 5 business days.

If you haven’t received a refund you’re expecting, but it’s been fewer than 15 business days, the refund may still be processing. Refunds can take 10 – 15 business days to appear on your card statement.


7. Conditions for Refunds

In order for the subscription to be eligible for a refund, please make sure that:

  • The subscription was purchased in the last 14 days and it was your first subscription payment (We don’t offer refunds for any renewal payments whether monthly or annual)
  • You have the receipt or proof of purchase of your subscription

The following subscriptions cannot be refunded:

  • Your first 14 days cooling off period for the subscription has expired.
  • Any renewal payments whether monthly or annual.
  • You are subscribed to a ‘free’, ‘free-trial’ or ‘freemium’ plan. These plans are provided free of cost and does qualify for a refund since no charges are levied for such subscriptions.

We reserve the right to refuse refunds of any subscription that does not meet the above refund conditions in our sole discretion.

Only regular priced Subscriptions may be refunded. Unfortunately, Subscriptions discounted or on sale or redeemed via promotional vouchers cannot be refunded. This exclusion may not apply to You if it is not permitted by applicable law.


8. Contact Us

At Cheqdin, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase or simply need assistance to make the best of your subscription with us, please do not hesitate to contact our support team who would be happy to help.

If you have any questions about our Refund & Cancellation policy, please contact us:

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