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Overcoming obstacles when it matters most

When we started out in 2016, our idea of Cheqdin was simple – a parent communication app for childcare centres. But being a passionate
bunch, we decided we didn’t want to stop at just that. A small tweak here, a new feature there. One thing led to another.


And before we knew it, we had a full-blown childcare software capable of taking care of every (well, almost every) single administrative requirement of a childcare establishment. At the centre of it all was the obsessive passion to shape our software into a product that makes a genuine difference to our users.


Nothing makes our day more than a heartfelt note from a customer telling us how Cheqdin is changing the way they run their business. It is this inspiration that gives us the (outrageous, some might say!) spunk to sometimes tear apart fully-functional workflows and build them up from the ground again – to make sure all the cogs work together seamlessly and each feature is as close to perfect as it can ever get.


With happy customers from across the globe, we are quite proud of what Cheqdin has grown into today. And trust us, we have no intention
of stopping at this. We’ll keep bringing you new features that’ll help you make the best use of your time. And we will continue to put in
our absolute best to remain a service you’d always love to be a part of. This is our promise to you.

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