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Online Registration

Online Registration System for Schools and Childcare Centres – CheqForm

Don’t have website? Not a problem.
Don’t need a full children software package? Not a problem again.

Manage your waiting list, enquiries and enrolment pipeline with CheqForm

Get started in three simple steps

  • 1. Sign up for a Cheqdin account
  • 2. Create your online forms and get a custom link
  • 3. Share it on your website or social media

Need more than just Online Registrations? You can have that too…

With Cheqdin, you get a full pack of childcare management features to accept enrolments, manage bookings & daily registers, invoice
parents and collect payments. They are powerful on their own – but they pack a punch when used together.

Yes, it’s 100% free for the first 25 children.