What can Cheqdin do for Childcare Centres?

Managing and running a childcare centre is a complicated process. Heaps of paperwork and reports to keep track of! Is this what you think? This need not be the case! That is, if Cheqdin Childcare Software is by your side. If you can’t keep track of your centres daily activity at a glance, track its progress, goals, and problems in real-time, your center’s growth will be unpredictable at best.

We’re here to help you take control of your growth, engage more with Parents and most importantly help you do what you are best at – spend time with the Children.

What do we have for nurseries and out of school clubs?


Digital Attendance

With Cheqdin, you can conveniently capture and record children’s attendance digitally. This can be done by the staff or by parents using our secure PIN.


Photos & Videos Sharing

Keep parents actively engaged with your childcare centres activities through our free Notebook app. Childcare centres can share photos and videos on a one on one basis with parents and is a more secure communication platform than using conventional social media.


Intelligent Ad-Hoc Bookings System

Increase the occupancy levels at your childcare setting and manage ad-hoc bookings like a breeze using the Cheqdin app. Parents can easily request ad-hoc bookings on the go from their mobile app, and the centre manager can make the approvals with a single- click. Easy-peasy!


Daily Diaries

Quickly and easily record daily play, activities and observations on the go using a smartphone or tablet and send daily reports to parents at the tap of a button. Easily retrieve previous reports and track progress faster than ever.


Instant Messenger & Chat with Parents

Chat instantly with Parents or guardians via the notebook messenger and chat built into our free mobile application.


Staff Clock in & Clock out

With digital staff clock in-out information and reports, keep staff payroll accurate and up to date in a breeze. You don’t have to run through pages and pages of registers to track staff working hours.


Attendance Reports

Access daily attendance and late-pick up reports in our web portal and export them securely in excel format.


Children’s Register

Our one click children’s register helps you keep track of all important information in one place. You can quickly access the register for more information on the child or search for emergency contact details using our mobile app or web portal.


Staff-Children Ratio Tracking

Easily track and monitor staff-children ratio on the go with Cheqdin’s live dashboard and maximise your revenue by managing your occupancy levels efficiently.


Absentee Management

Define absentee categories customized to your setting’s requirements and conveniently generate accurate reports of leaves and absences for each child.


Reports and Insights

Using sessions summary and other dashboard information, plan ahead and increase the accuracy of your occupancy management with data and insights from our live dashboards.


Emails & Event Management

With our multi touch point communication platform, you can choose on how to communicate with parents. Send unlimited emails or mobile push notifications to parents directly in a single click without any additional costs like expensive text messaging.

How can we make a difference to your business?


Save time & money

You can confidently cut costs without cutting corners and bring down the hours spent on admin and paperwork.


Operational Excellence

Cheqdin’s highly intuitive nursery management software and easy-to-use interface will make sure even the newest member of staff can use the system with utmost ease and minimal training.


Increase in Brand value

Give a facelift for your childcare centres brand and get parents talking about improved security, convenience and efficiency.


Happy and Loyal Customers

Communication is most important to retain customers – With Cheqdin, give yours an experience like never before. Build a loyal customer base of happy parents by sharing cherished moments of their loved ones and providing them with superior service and a convenient easy-to-use communication platform.

Will Cheqdin suit our requirements? Who’s it for?

Cheqdin seamlessly combines everything a childcare centre needs into one powerful software. Having said that, our team is hard at work to bring you more exciting features at an affordable cost.

Cheqdin is a versatile software which was designed with the help of childcare professionals and will work for childcare settings of any stage, shape or size. Everyday Cheqdin is used by centers across the globe and they are


Out of School Clubs, Holiday Clubs & Camps

Nurseries – Kindergarten & Daycare Centres

Pre-Schools & Activity Centres

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