Teaching Mastery Motivation or Persistence to Preschoolers

How to Teach Persistence to Preschoolers

‘Tis a lesson you should heed – Try, try again; If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try again. Then your courage should appear; For, if you will persevere You will conquer, never fear Try, try again. –William Hickson   … Continue Reading

Common terms used in childcare and Early Years

Childcare and Early Years Lexicon

From au-pair and childminder to the interchangeably used preschool, daycare, day nursery and kindergarten, we take a look at some of the commonly used terms in childcare and Early Years education. Au-Pair An Au-Pair is a young person, aged between … Continue Reading

5 Common Mistakes Start-Up Childcare Businesses Make

5 Common Mistakes Start-Up Childcare Businesses Make

1. Going for a complex business model A cardinal mistake many start-up childcare businesses tend to make when shaping their business model is – providing too many choices (service offerings) to their customers. Eight to nine different session choices with … Continue Reading

Benefits of constructive plain early years

Why is Constructive Play Important in Early Years

From cardboard-crate-turned-pirate-ships, kitchen-roll-tube telescopes and muddy trenches in the fields to meticulously built lego police stations, constructive play can manifest itself in just about any form for the imaginative little minds. Apart from all the fun it holds and the … Continue Reading

How to reduce food wastage in out of school clubs

How to Tackle Food Waste in Out of School Clubs

From the unfinished meals left on the plates to the spoiled food and usable bits and bobs tossed out from the school kitchens, the Education Sector churns out nearly 123,000 tonnes of food waste in the UK each year. Though … Continue Reading

The Evolution of Early Childhood Education or ECE

A Peep into the Evolution of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education (ECE) is the education of children from birth until the age of eight. As these formative years mark the most rapid phase of brain development in a child’s lifetime, the foundation laid during this period has a … Continue Reading

Tips for Managing Preschool Billing and Invoicing

Tips for Managing Preschool Billing

To most people, managing preschool billing begins and ends with the collection of payments. However, as any business owner who’s ever been there would admit, the collection process is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few pointers … Continue Reading

Fun Preschool Maths Activities for Preschoolers

7 Fun Maths Activities for Preschoolers

We have some fun preschool maths activities in our activity round-up this week.   1.Ishful Maths   Before you start wondering about the ‘w’, no, a typo it’s not! It is indeed ‘ishful’ maths, and an interesting new take on … Continue Reading