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Frequently Asked Questions

Childcare Centres – FAQ


What is Cheqdin?

Cheqdin is a modern and easy to use childcare software and app used by nurseries, out of school clubs, pre-schools, childminders and activity centres across the globe. These childcare centres use Cheqdin for the day to day management of their settings. Cheqdin is primarily used for capturing digital attendance, creating daily reports, managing bookings, securely sharing photos/videos, and communicating with parents.


How does this work for Childcare centres? What applications do I get to use?

Cheqdin has a cohesive eco-system which is inter dependent and built around
(a) Web portal: which is the primary access point for childcare centre admins to have a bird’s eye view of the centres activities,
(b) ‘Cheqdin’ app which is used for digital attendance, approving ad hoc bookings etc., and
(c) ‘Notebook’ app which is used by staff for one on one chat with parents, uploading photos/videos and sending daily reports.


Can I get a free-trial of Cheqdin?

Yes, you can sign up for the free 7-day trial without needing to add a credit/debit card. All features, yes you read that right “All” features of Cheqdin are available for you to experience during your trial. The free trial version only covers up to a maximum of 25 children. If you choose to stay with Cheqdin, which we are sure you will; simply add your card details at any time during the trial. You and your setting will seamlessly transition to one of our paid plans.


Do I need to pay for the Cheqdin apps separately?

No. Your subscription includes both our apps (1) Cheqdin (2) Notebook. There are no separate licenses or software agreements to keep track of. Your setting’s staff and parents can directly download the apps from the app stores and sign in to your accounts. There is no limit on the number of staff or parents you can add to your setting. However, there is a limit that applies to the number of Children; this will depend on the subscription plan that you have selected. With any subscription plan, you will receive all app upgrades or updates for free.


What platforms are supported by Cheqdin?

With our nursery management software, childcare centres can log-in to Cheqdin’s secure cloud from any Mac or Windows computer (for accessing the web portal). You can sign in to in a modern web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox). Our mobile apps can run on both iOS & Android devices. For more information, see system requirements.


Would it be easy for my centre to migrate/transfer data quickly to Cheqdin?

Yes. Most childcare centres have their administrative information stored in the form of spreadsheets or documents. Using our bulk information upload tool, you can quickly and easily upload information into Cheqdin saving you a lot of time. Simply, download our template which will be provided to you after sign-up and copy-paste the relevant information into the data sheet. Once done you can then upload the file, that’s it! It is that simple.


What happens if my subscription runs out?

If for any reason your subscription lapses, then your account will be on hold. But don’t worry, you will still be able to access, upgrade and make a payment to keep using your account.


Do you offer a discount for community or non-profit (Charity) organisations?

Yes, we do! If you are a registered charity or are working for a greater cause, then we’d love to hear from you. Contact us or send an email with your request and we’ll be happy to help you get the most from your Cheqdin subscription.


Does Cheqdin have a freemium plan?

Cheqdin does not have a freemium plan. Our software only offers a free trial for anyone that wants to see whether Cheqdin is the right fit for them. We believe our software is affordable and provides value for money to our customers. The team at Cheqdin works hard to bring you the very best in childcare software and invest a lot of time, resources and effort to give you the very best experience. All these costs add up, it is only with the support of our valued paid customers we can strive to grow and develop better software.


As a director or owner can I access Cheqdin from anywhere? What if I have multiple settings across different regions?

Using Cheqdin’s administrator or centre account you can log-in from anywhere, anytime and view the timeline of your setting. You can do this for one or multiple settings from a single device with a single log-in. Cheqdin is designed to scale with your needs; you can monitor and view the activity of settings in one or more locations – national or international. For centres with more than five settings under the same group company, you will also receive the support of a dedicated account manager.


What kind of customer support does Cheqdin provide?

All our customers receive unlimited customer support. Our support team can be reached via our social media accounts, live chat, email or phone; whichever is convenient to you as our customer. We step in only if you ask us to do so.


Do you provide any training? Where can I find useful information on how to set things up?

Once you are logged-in to our web portal, visit our help centre where you will find all answers to your questions. You can search for and read step by step guides and tutorials on how to get things up and running in no time. Still, if you have any questions or need any help, we have got you covered – Contact us.


Staff – FAQ


What can I do with the PIN number?

For staff members, the PIN number provided can be used to perform bulk sign in or out of children in your setting. You as a staff member will only have access to children in the room(s) that your setting’s administrator has granted access to. The PIN number which is unique to you can also be used to perform staff clock in-out in your setting.


What apps can I use with my log-in?

For staff members, the PIN number provided can be used to perform bulk sign in or out of children in your setting. You as a staff member will only have access to children in the room(s) that your setting’s administrator has granted access for. The PIN number which is unique to you can also be used to perform staff clock in-out in your setting.


Parents – FAQ


My childcare provider has signed me up for Cheqdin, what next?

You must have received a welcome email from Cheqdin with your log-in credentials which will give you the access to Cheqdin’s apps. If you did not receive an email, check with your childcare provider to re-send the log-in details to you. Be sure also to check your junk/spam/deleted items folder just in case the email got caught there.


Which app of Cheqdin Software do I download? And what can I use it for?

Our software has two mobile apps which parents can download for free from the Apple App store or Google Play Store:

(1) Cheqdin, (2) Notebook.

  • The Cheqdin app is used by parents for making ad hoc booking requests and receiving event alerts and notifications.
  • The Notebook app is for viewing the child’s timeline of photos and videos, daily reports, instant messenger to chat with the childcare provider and much more.
  • Parents can use the same log-in for both apps.


How can I reset my password?

Once you have downloaded our app, click on the forgot password link and enter your email address that your childcare provider had registered in the system. You can use the same log-in to use both our mobile apps – Cheqdin & Notebook.


How can I change my registered email address?

To change your registered email address, please contact your childcare provider.


Who has access to my child’s data?

Only authorised users can access a child’s profile, no one else can view or has access to your child’s data. Typically, such access is only granted to parents, guardians, close family members or members of staff who are registered at the childcare centre as authorised users for the child. Hence, each user who has access is registered in the records of the childcare provider and is authorised by the childcare centre only with the consent of the parent or guardian. If you wish not to provide any particular user access, please contact your childcare provider.


What is the PIN number for?

The PIN number is provided for you to enter into the device located at the childcare centre for use while you sign in (drop-off) or sign out (pick-up) your child. If required, your childcare centre staff can do the check in-out process on your behalf using our bulk sign-in out feature. You can contact your childcare centre to reset your PIN if required.


What if a friend or family is picking up/dropping off my child for me?

You can authorise them as a ‘guardian’ via the Cheqdin app and share your PIN number. Just remember to tell them to sign in-out as a guardian. Trust us; it’s quite simple!


Who do I contact with regards to my access?

As a parent, access to your child’s profile is granted by your Childcare centre’s administrator. For any questions, related to your access, please contact your centre.


Can I directly sign-up for Cheqdin as a parent?

Your Childcare or nursery provider will automatically enrol you as a parent for free if they are using Cheqdin Childcare Software in their setting. If your childcare provider isn’t using any software in their setting yet, now is a great time to refer them to Cheqdin. Head to our parent’s page to send them an invite.


Security – FAQ


At Cheqdin, we take security very seriously. Our website, software and mobile apps are developed and hosted in a secure environment which complies with the strictest industry security standards. We do everything in our power to keep our company, employees and user’s data safe. Cheqdin is built on a foundation where we have strict security protocols in place and do not sell any data to third parties. If you have any questions or need more information, please write to


Privacy Policy

You can view and read our privacy policy here:


Who keeps my data?

Your data is securely stored in the cloud by AWS (Amazon Web Services), an Amazon Company and it is protected by AWS Cloud Security.


What are Cheqdin’s website security measures?

We use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption – the strongest on the market. Our website is an SSL Secured Website, certified by and monitored by McAfee Secure.


Where is my data kept?

All of Cheqdin’s data is securely stored in the cloud and is hosted on AWS Secure servers in London, United Kingdom. Hence your data is stored locally and complies with the UK/EU data protection laws.


Who has access to my data? Is it private?

Your access as a parent is provided by the childcare centre. Apart the childcare centre’s authorised staff, only you can see and have access to your data. No one else can access this information without express consent being provided by the parents or guardians. All account passwords are encrypted for additional security. For further information, please see our acceptable use policy, terms of use, EULA and privacy policy.


How safe is my data?

Our database is fully backed-up, and any lost data can be restored from the incremental backups that are taken at regular intervals.


Does Cheqdin comply with EU General Data Protection Regulations?

Since our server is hosted in London, United Kingdom by server operator Amazon Web Services; AWS is approved in accordance with the EU GDPR.

For more information on AWS and EU GDPR compliance, please visit:
For more information on AWS Cloud security visit:


What certifications and assurance programs are included in AWS?

  • SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70)
  • SOC 2Element 2
  • SOC 3
  • ITAR
  • FIPS 140-2
  • MTCS Level 3
  • DIACAP, and FedRAMP
  • DOD CSM Levels 1-5
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 27001

Data protection registration the website, web portal and its mobile applications are powered by Databotix Limited.
Cheqdin is the trading name of Databotix Limited. The company is registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The data protection registration number of Databotix Limited is ZA250858


Where can I find an answer to a question that is not on this FAQ page?

Email us and we’ll be happy to help.