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Early Years Pedagogy

Understanding Early Years Pedagogy

In the UK, several frameworks and building blocks exist when it comes to primary early years education. They form the basic, concrete learning framework we must follow. These core building blocks form the foundation of pedagogy but fail to provide … Continue Reading

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hpw to promote summer learning for school age kids

5 Tips To Promote Summer Learning for School-Age Kids

Summer vacation is a fantastic time to make memories with your children and enjoy a relaxed schedule free from homework. However, children can lose some of their academic progress over the summer, making the start of school in autumn incredibly … Continue Reading

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Ofsted Updated Early Years Handbook

What’s New in Ofsted’s Updated Early Years Inspection Handbook?

With Ofsted resuming full graded inspections from the 4th of May 2021, here is what you should know about the new changes to the early years inspection handbook. A new section on ‘Inspection during the COVID-19 pandemic’ Ofsted has added … Continue Reading

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Cheqdin's online payment solution for childcare providers

Cheqdin Launches a Full Online Payment Solution for Childcare Providers

And yes, it’s finally here! We have tied up with PayPal to create a complete online payment solution for childcare providers. Along with our offline and direct debit options, you can now offer parents the choice to pay you securely … Continue Reading

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How to build your childcare business post-Covid?

Little Steps to Build Your Childcare Business Post-Covid

A day at a time, we have all survived a year that came with its own plans. As we finally prepare to move out of lockdown, let’s take a look at some small steps childcare providers can take to bounce … Continue Reading

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Temporary changes in funding for early years

Temporary Changes in Funding to Support Childcare Providers in England

The latest announcement from the Department for Education could bring a slight respite for childcare providers across England. As opposed to calculating funding based on headcount taken at the start of the year, early years providers will receive funding based … Continue Reading

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Managing Challenging Behaviour in Children During the Pandemic

One of the biggest challenges childcare providers have been facing through the pandemic is dealing with newfound emotional and behavioural changes in children. From bereavement and personal trauma to parental substance use, abuse, financial difficulties at home, unlimited screen time … Continue Reading

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Ways to promote social and emotional health in young children

Ways to Promote Social and Emotional Health in Preschoolers

As parents of young children, one thing most of us are unprepared for is how to deal with the evolving emotional demands of these little people with big personalities. Every time we think we have all of it figured out, … Continue Reading

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Virtual circle time with preschoolers

5 Tips for Virtual Circle Time with Preschoolers

Who would have imagined we would see a day where teachers would sit across a screen managing a class of chirpy preschoolers, deftly navigating technology in a way they have never used it before. Although it has been a push … Continue Reading

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Online payment for childcare providers

How Online Payments Will Shape the Future of Payment Collection in Childcare

The pandemic hasn’t left any industry untouched. Faced with the option of adapting to the rapid change or shutting down shop, businesses across the globe are switching to new technologies and digital tools to continue trade. At the top of … Continue Reading

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