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What do we have for parents?

Cheqdin is the parents go to choice for nursery management software. Our free mobile application is proudly serving parents across the globe as a gateway to their loved one’s world. With Cheqdin, they can join in on the fun anytime, anywhere and be a part of their child’s day. Who doesn’t love to have a quick glance at their loved one’s photos and videos shared real-time? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to chat quickly with your childcare staff at the touch of a button? We’ve got you covered.

Parent Dashboard

Juggling a busy work schedule and your child’s pick-ups can be quite tricky. Cheqdin allows you to keep track of pick-ups and drop-offs. Have children in different centres? We have got you covered. With Cheqdin you can manage all your children’s profile in one place.

Photos & Videos

Never miss a day of fun. Actively engage with your loved one’s pictures and videos of the day at the centre.

Intelligent Bookings System

Have an urgent meeting to attend, or something’s come up? Make ad-hoc booking requests on the go without the need to text or call your childcare centre. Our smart bookings system helps you plan ahead and check bookings request status anytime, anywhere.

Daily Diaries

Ever got a proper answer from your child on – “How was your day?”. With daily reports get detailed information on the day’s activity at the centre.

and Sign-Out Notifications

With Cheqdin’s free mobile app, keep calm and carry on with your work in complete peace of mind, you will know your little one is in safe hands! Receive real-time push notifications on your smartphone to let you know that your child has been safely checked in or out, at what time and by whom – if more than one person collects/drops off.

Notebook Messenger & Chat

Our notebook messenger and chat feature help parents stay in touch with the childcare centre. Messenger is a more secure one to one communication platform for parents and childcare centres than the conventional social media handle.

Event Management & Calendar Integration

Do not worry about turning up red-faced at the childcare centre without your child’s show-and-tell prop after having missed yet another letter that came in your child’s folder or bag. With Cheqdin we have got you covered, get event notifications directly on your smartphone and instantly add it to your calendar. You will also get a reminder – just in case.

Email Notifications

Childcare centres often send multiple emails to parents. Stay on top of the childcare centres communications and all the little things that would require your attention. Be it regarding some first aid administered after a small scrape at the playground or a list of things needed at the nursery like a new set of diapers or outdoor clothes and shoes.


Can I sign-up for Cheqdin as a parent?

Your Childcare or nursery provider will automatically enrol you as a parent for free if they are using Cheqdin Childcare Software in their setting.
Hmmm… My childcare provider isn’t using any software!

Quick!!! They are missing out on a powerful yet easy to use and affordable daycare management software. You as a parent can invite your child’s nursery, out of school club, pre-school or childminder to try out Cheqdin for free.

Download the invitation and email it to your centre.


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