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Artificial Intelligence in Early Years Education and Childcare

Using AI In Early Years Settings

AI (artificial intelligence) has shifted from an obscure concept found only in films to something we see every day in real life. It refers to a machine's ability to p...

Tablet learning in Early Years

How and Why To Use Tablet Learning in Early Years Learning

The use of smart technology is not only considered normal in education but is now a vital skill to learn and have for the future. Tablet learning is particularly popular,...

Online Safety for Children in Early Years

Online Safety for Children – Safeguarding Children and Protecting Childcare Providers

Online safety refers to the actual act of staying safe online. It's typically called internet safety, cyber safety, or e-safety. This tactic incorporates all technolo...

Online Safety for Early Years Settings

The Dos and Don’ts of Online Safety for Early Years

According to Ofcom's recent survey on Children's Media Use and Attitude (2018), 52% of 3-4-year-olds use the internet for an average of 9 hours every week and 45% 3-...