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Safeguarding checks childcare setting

Safeguarding checks your childcare setting needs this winter

As the cold weather approaches, winter safeguarding checks for childcare providers and after school clubs become necessary. Extra precautions need to be taken to ensure t...

Artificial Intelligence in Early Years Education and Childcare

Using AI In Early Years Settings

AI (artificial intelligence) has shifted from an obscure concept found only in films to something we see every day in real life. It refers to a machine's ability to p...

Wellbeing for Children and Young People in Early Years

Early Minds Matter – Promoting Wellbeing in the Early Years

Although wellbeing is a term we frequently hear when discussing adults and teenagers, we don't consider it when addressing young children. We understand the impact of...

Online Safety for Children in Early Years

Online Safety for Children – Safeguarding Children and Protecting Childcare Providers

Online safety refers to the actual act of staying safe online. It's typically called internet safety, cyber safety, or e-safety. This tactic incorporates all technolo...

Health and Safety in Early Years Education

Health and Safety in Early Years Education

Maintaining health and safety within a nursery is critical to the highly vulnerable nature of all early years populations. As the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 speci...

Toys safety for children

Choosing safe toys for toddlers and preschoolers

Thanks to stringent quality regulations in most countries, toys are much safer these days and come with appropriate safety warnings and labelling which makes it easier to...