Choosing staff time clock software for childcare business

4 Tips to Choose a Staff Time-Clock Software

Time clock software come in all shapes and forms these days. You get them as free stand-alone products; as part of full-fledged management software packages; with or without roster apps, digital signatures and reporting features. Name it, and you have … Continue Reading

The benefits of heuristic play and treasure baskets

What You Should Know About Heuristic Play

Children are at their happiest when given space to explore. They scuttle around their environment touching, handling and chewing on anything they can grab with their tiny hands. But what do you think of an idea that turns this seemingly … Continue Reading

How to write incident reports in childcare or writing ouch reports

The Whys and Hows of  Writing Incident Reports for Childcare

Of all the documentation you wish you didn’t have to do as a childcare provider, incident reports aka ouch reports could be sitting right at the top of the list. When a parent entrusts their child in your care, it … Continue Reading

Circle time activity ideas for preschoolers

8 Circle Time  Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

When you have a group of chirpy preschoolers with attention spans averaging 10-15 minutes (20 at best!), you won’t have a choice but to arm yourself with a massive stock of activity ideas. To make your activity-hunt a wee bit … Continue Reading

Ofsted Early Years Inspection Framework 2019 for Early Years

Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework 2019: What’s in it for Early Years?

The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) has now released the draft for its Education Inspection Framework for 2019. The new framework has been developed in a bid to shift the focus of evaluation from performance data to the quality … Continue Reading

how to raise a mentally strong child

Are You Raising a Mentally Strong Child?

Mental strength is often confused with a person’s ability to suppress their emotions. Holding back tears, putting on a brave face when in pain or being defiant might often give out the impression of toughness or mental strength – but … Continue Reading

benefits of sensory play : messy sensory play

Is Sensory Play Really Worth the Mess?

Sensory play can get quite messy. Wrestling nasty stains. Shampooing off sticky bits of goo from their tangled locks. Removing mysterious pieces of debris from the washing machine. There is no escaping the mound of cleaning and stain-removing that sensory … Continue Reading

Snow day activities - frozen bubble

Activities for a Snowy Day

Before the pristine white layers of fluffy goodness turn into the not-so-magical mounds of slushy grey mess, here’s a round-up of some exciting snow day activities you should try out with your preschoolers. Frozen Bubbles If the grounds outside are … Continue Reading