Leeds tackles childhood obesity

Leeds Tackles Preschool Obesity with Programme Henry

Leeds becomes the first city in the UK to reverse its childhood obesity rate. Henry, a  council-led programme is being hailed as the key to the city’s success. As obesity remains a nationwide problem, Leeds earns the distinction of being … Continue Reading

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How to support a gifted preschooler

How to Support Gifted Preschoolers

It can be quite fascinating when you first realize you are dealing with a gifted child at your preschool. But after the initial surprise is over, comes the real challenge of ensuring they get the right support and intervention to … Continue Reading

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Healthy recipes for kids

5 Great Websites for Healthy Kids Recipes

Feeding a picky preschooler is no mean task. From the sight of (the boring!) green beans to the stray drop of sauce marring the beauty of their pristine plain spaghetti, it’s hard to predict what can set the trigger off … Continue Reading

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History of Kindergarten

Kindergarten: The Story Behind

To many, kindergarten is an American version of a preschool or nursery, but with a strange German name. Did you know kindergarten has its origins in Germany and was founded nearly two centuries ago as the first organised system of … Continue Reading

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Art projects for out of school time

Creative Art Projects for Out-of-School Time

Scraping your well of inspiration for activity ideas? Here is a roundup of some inspiring art projects to kindle your imagination and add a sprinkling of excitement to your out-of-school time art projects. 1. Tribal Mask-Making Handmakery takes good ol’ … Continue Reading

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Department for Education funding for Early Language Development in England

Department for Education to Invest £6.5m for Early Language Development in England

A £6.5m investment funding from the Department for Education is set to help disadvantaged children under the age of five with their early speech and communication skills. According to reports by the Nursery World, the funds will be used to … Continue Reading

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History of Montessori Education in the UK

The History of Montessori Education in the UK

About a century ago, an Italian woman came up with the idea that sought to allow children to give expression to their creativity in the classroom. This idea arose out of the fact that she saw the classroom models common … Continue Reading

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Tips for encouraging curiosity in children

The Importance of Encouraging Curiosity in Children

From clever quips and brilliant observations to a barrage of questions that catch you off guard, curiosity in children can come dressed in many fascinating guises. Some of them might leave you agape with wonder while some test your patience … Continue Reading

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OFCMA: New Body for Childminder Agencies Launches in England

OFCMA: New Body for Childminder Agencies Launches in England

A new association for childminder agencies takes shape in England as the future of the Department of Education’s strategic partnership with early years providers remains unclear. The Organisation for Childminder Agencies (OFCMA) has been formed by eight of the 11 … Continue Reading

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Business Plan for Out of School Programs

How to Write a Business Plan for Out of School Programs

You have a business idea to start an out-of-school program. Now, do you need to write a business plan if you are planning to start small and not thinking of seeking external investment? Many small business owners tend to dismiss … Continue Reading

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