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While it seems every business wants to jump on board with sustainable growth in childcare, defining what it means and how it influences a company's overall success rate is imperative. Simply put, sustainable growth is any realistic and attainable growth that businesses can maintain without running into ongoing issues or problems. It's required for long-term success, but it isn't without challenges. Likewise, a company should consider a sustainable growth rate, typically SGR.


The sustainable growth rate is the maximum rate a company can grow and sustain that level without having to increase financial influence. It's a corporate version of the childhood fable, "the Tortoise and the Hare." Unfortunately, knowing how to determine this ideal pace and remain constant is often tricky for corporations wanting to stay competitive in their respective markets. Many learn early on that slow and steady win the race, implying consistency in commitment and productivity are more beneficial than attempting to rush the process.


How Do We Calculate the Sustainable Growth Rate?

There are straightforward calculations a business can use to determine the company's SGR. This formula is Return on Equity (ROE) x (1 – Dividend Payout Ratio). To better understand the formula, it's critical to understand its terms.


What is Return on Equity?

If you're trying to grow a business, sustainable growth helps bring a realistic viewpoint to the company. There are several things your childcare business can do to ensure you're on the right path.

What is the Dividend Payout Ratio?

The dividend payout ratio is the percentage of earnings per share distributed to shareholders.


Various methods for calculating sustainable growth offer a few baseline assumptions about the business, including its goals and overall desires. These assumptions assume a company wants to maintain a target capital structure without supporting new equity. It also assumes that the business wants to keep its current dividend payment ratio while increasing sales as fast as marketing conditions allow.


The entire system relies on equity, as findings have proven that corporations often hesitate to assign new equity. Should a company face different stipulations, wanting to increase equity for sustainable growth, there are no financial constraints on the growth rate.


How it helps you focus on growing your business?

If you're trying to grow a business, sustainable growth helps bring a realistic viewpoint to the company. There are several things your childcare business can do to ensure you're on the right path.

Develop a Powerful Brand

A powerful brand works to establish a personal connection and attachment to its clients and customers. You want customers to return to you, stand behind your company, and help you build relationships over time. To establish this, every childcare centre should identify its niche. Trying to cater to everyone will lower your brand and your ability to optimize growth.


Find the Target Client

Your target client is the ideal person for your establishment. Know their pain points and what they're craving in an early childcare facility. You'll want to establish how your centre will help them; start educating and informing clients. Substitute advertising with ad hoc and personal posts. Consider sharing informative white papers or blog posts, especially those catering to the previous pain points. Mutual respect, education, and information are the best ways to encourage a relationship.


Establish Partnerships and Collaborations

While we all love growing our businesses, when growth is too quick, it can cause significant issues. Instead, look for ways of expanding externally by developing good working relationships with similar (but not competitive) companies to yours. Try to leverage collaborations that refer clients back and forth, creating a network of referrals and new clients.


Build Customer Retention and High Satisfaction

Finding and nurturing new leads isn't always ideal for sustainable growth. New customers often cost a business around five times more than retaining current clients. As such, constantly shift your marketing plan from acquiring new clients to splitting the attention into existing and new clients. If you consider each client as more than a sale of service and start focusing on renewed services, you'll increase the customer's lifetime value.


Focus on Your Team

When your employees are happy, your clients are satisfied. Having engaged employees shifts the attention to genuine and loyal customers within your establishment. Staff will maintain higher productivity, work quality, and overall satisfaction within the facility. Keep employees engaged and motivated with positive environments, reward high-value staff, and recruit the right individuals to align with your core values.


Early warning signs, what to take care of and fix early on

Building sustainable growth is about more than excellence; it's about changing your standards to support these developments. Before implementing new ideas or stipulations, here are a few things you should always address first. These warning signs can help you redevelop realistic standards and shift expectations to support the sustainable growth plans you're enforcing.


Always Create Realistic Goals and Stick with Them

Even as you begin developing growth plans, you can keep your business goals the same. You'll never celebrate victories or wins if you continuously adjust your goals. Occasionally, we like to reset goals as we come close to hitting the target. By changing the end goal, you'll simply demotivate staff and management. A plan you can never achieve is nothing more than a false promise. If you never celebrate, you'll never establish yourself as more than a paycheck.


Start Setting Realistic Expectations

An expectation is putting a thought, belief, or feeling on to another individual. We predict how they will react, engage, or respond through predetermined ideals. A standard is a set of rules for how everyone acts within the childcare centre. Never lower the facility standards because staff aren't reaching expectations. Instead, consider lowering your expectations for new members and help them grow into the set standards with experience. Education is a crucial step for achieving sustainable growth. If we fail to educate and guide our staff through the list of standards and expectations, we'll never reach our maximum.


Follow Through with Offers to Help

If offering assistance or guidance, always follow through with your original plan. Don't offer to help to appear friendly; it creates an inauthentic relationship. Conversely, let others contribute and participate, even if you have everything taken care of. If you don't let people give, the relationship becomes one-sided. All dynamics require a give-and-take to remain equally beneficial. While many perceive not needing help as a sign of strength, it simply gives the message of being unwanted to the other person.


Creating collaborative and authentic work environments starts with genuine offers to give and receive help when needed. Try to build healthy interdependence, leaning on each other as healthy, whole individuals wanting support.

Determine What and How to Celebrate

Within childcare centres, policies and procedures will guide virtually everything within the facility. Consider all milestones within life that are regularly celebrated: birthdays, holidays, weddings, or other positive factors. Additionally, give equal consideration to the points in life involving transitions or grief. Within all of these documents, always choose what you're willing to celebrate within the centre and how it's going to be recognized.


Consider your company values and determine what you would like to celebrate on these occasions. The idea is to build culture and shift the narrative to industry-leader. Encouraging celebration of all life's intricacies for staff and children can encourage a different perspective from other competitors.


Things to avoid

Sustainable growth is critical for a few reasons. Determining a sustainable growth rate will take time, trial, and error. Trying to hold and maintain an SGR that's too high for an extended period can establish problems for the company. A company will often develop a sales saturation point as they increase profitability. The company must offer new or distinct services or products to continue growing. Should the business grow too quickly or provide services that lessen profitability, it'll often need additional financing.


Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Companies that grow too slowly risk stagnating or covering expenses instead of increasing profits. Both researchers and economists suggest a company's growth capability and strategy are essential to consider if sustainable growth is required. Losing or shifting focus on one objective or the other will often result in extensive losses over the long term (despite realizing short-term gains).



Business Success for Childcare: Next Steps in Marketing

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Investopedia: Sustained Growth Rate (SGR): Definition, Meaning, and Limitations

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NI Business: Business Growth Through Collaboration

This website holds multiple collaboration methods, including required information and task development for all work environments.



Developing sustainable growth in your childcare business isn't about attracting new clients; it's about optimizing your available budget for maximum return. When too ambitious, growth levels become too strenuous to continue without looking at alternative revenue streams. If the growth strategy lacks ambition, many business owners will find themselves simply paying for the current operational level instead of seeing an increase in profit.


Overall, finding the balance is about more than a simple calculation; finding a way to incorporate new ideas, objectives, and influence into the childcare centre is the optimal starting ground.

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