History of Kindergarten

Kindergarten: The Story Behind

To many, kindergarten is an American version of a preschool or nursery, but with a strange German name. Did you know kindergarten has its origins in Germany and was founded nearly two centuries ago as the first organised system of … Continue Reading

Tips for encouraging curiosity in children

The Importance of Encouraging Curiosity in Children

From clever quips and brilliant observations to a barrage of questions that catch you off guard, curiosity in children can come dressed in many fascinating guises. Some of them might leave you agape with wonder while some test your patience … Continue Reading

Teaching Mastery Motivation or Persistence to Preschoolers

How to Teach Persistence to Preschoolers

‘Tis a lesson you should heed – Try, try again; If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try again. Then your courage should appear; For, if you will persevere You will conquer, never fear Try, try again. –William Hickson   … Continue Reading

Common terms used in childcare and Early Years

Childcare and Early Years Lexicon

From au-pair and childminder to the interchangeably used preschool, daycare, day nursery and kindergarten, we take a look at some of the commonly used terms in childcare and Early Years education. Au-Pair An Au-Pair is a young person, aged between … Continue Reading

Benefits of constructive plain early years

Why is Constructive Play Important in Early Years

From cardboard-crate-turned-pirate-ships, kitchen-roll-tube telescopes and muddy trenches in the fields to meticulously built lego police stations, constructive play can manifest itself in just about any form for the imaginative little minds. Apart from all the fun it holds and the … Continue Reading

Tips to handle anxiety and stress in toddlers

Tips to Handle Stress in Toddlers

Stress and anxiety aren’t quite the emotional reactions you would think a doe-eyed toddler could possibly experience so early on in life. Regular tantrums, coughing fits, thumb-sucking or constant complaints of tummy aches and many of the behavioural changes that … Continue Reading

Be an active part of your child's day - Cheqdin

How to be an active part of your child’s day away from home at the daycare centre?

It’s nothing short of heartbreaking to see your teary-eyed little one looking out through the nursery window waving his tiny hand as you rush out through the nursery gates. Work commitments and the lack of family support often force many … Continue Reading

Internet Safety for kids

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Internet Safety for Kids – What you need to know and how to stay safe! When you finally slump on to the couch after a long day, and the little ones come in with a barrage of questions on how … Continue Reading

Parents and Child

Choosing a Childcare provider – Childminder, Nanny or Nursery?

Finding reliable childcare for your little one is one of the most daunting tasks new parents are faced with when returning to work. From nurseries to childminders and nannies, the options are many. But how do you decide which one … Continue Reading

Forgotten Baby Syndrome

Forgotten Baby Syndrome: Can people really forget their child in the car?

No matter how organised we are, most of us would surely admit sheepishly to at least one odd instance of memory lapse which has made us do the unthinkable. But, of all the things on that list, one that none … Continue Reading