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Childcare Providers Can Fight Climate Change

7 Ways Childcare Providers Can Fight Climate Change

Although we've all heard the term climate change, few people actually know what it truly means. Even fewer people understand these changes' impact on our environm...

Creche Management Software_Cheqdin

Creche Management Software: The Next Big Thing in Creche Management

In higher demand than ever before, Creches satisfy a specific need that has otherwise been unavailable in the childcare setting. Unlike daycare centres, a creche is a day...

Customisable Online Registration Forms for Childcare and Early Years

How Customisable Online Registration Forms are Changing the Childcare Industry

With the pandemic persisting for well over a year, the world has changed. We’ve started into a startling new reality of health and safety standards that never exist...

Little Steps to Build Your Childcare Business Post-Covid

A day at a time, we have all survived a year that came with its own plans. As we finally prepare to move out of lockdown, let’s take a look at some small steps chil...

5 digital tools for nurseries

5 Digital Tools To Help Nurseries Cope During the Pandemic

Registration forms, daily reports, attendance sheets – there are many things that we’ve all felt would have been more practical to deal with if they were digital...

Increase occupancy for childcare centre during the pandemic

How to Attract Parents to Your Childcare Centre During the Pandemic

Even as the world slipped into lockdown, ‘childcare’ was among the few sectors that chugged on through the crisis, supporting other frontline workers. However, d...

After School Club Booking Software

Top 5 Features of a Great After School Booking Software

From patchy systems to manage daily bookings, club management solutions have evolved into a class of their own. Until a decade ago, when activity clubs and after school c...

Infection Control Measures for Nurseries and After School Clubs

Ways to Regulate the Spread of Infections in Childcare Centres

The coronavirus caught us all unaware. Right when the entire world had big plans and resolutions laid out for the year ahead, it crept in quietly from behind and turned o...

Marketing Tips to Spread the Word About Your Creche

With most parents struggling to squeeze out some time for themselves, a creche facility could just about be the breather many have been waiting for when they nip to the g...

after school club administration system

5 Signs You’ve Found the Right After School Club Administration System

The whole point of going digital is to find a quicker and smarter way to get your daily work done. But, let’s face it,  as with anything new, the first few days o...