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Childcare Trends in 2024 - Cheqdin

Childcare Trends To Know About In 2024

Childcare provision is changing across the UK and the world. Childcare in 2024 is set to evolve procedurally and digitally, with more families than ever before accessin...
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Artificial Intelligence in Early Years Education and Childcare

Using AI In Early Years Settings

AI (artificial intelligence) has shifted from an obscure concept found only in films to something we see every day in real life. It refers to a machine's ability to p...

customisable childcare registration form

How To Create A Professional Childcare Registration Form

Any parent looking to access childcare services will be thankful for a quick, easy and effective point of access. That's why at Cheqdin, we like to make it simple for...

Support for Families in Financial Difficulty

Spotting and Helping Families in Financial Difficulty

As an owner or provider in a childcare setting, you know it is in everyone's interest to make sure parents can pay their childcare fees on time. No facility can run w...

Sustainable growth in Childcare

Why is Sustainable Growth Important for your Childcare Business?

While it seems every business wants to jump on board with sustainable growth in childcare, defining what it means and how it influences a company's overall success ra...

Free Marketing Ideas for Early Years Business 2023

Marketing Ideas for your Early Years Business in 2023

Marketing is an efficient way to understand your customer's needs better. It allows businesses to plan and adapt quickly to changing markets, ensuring your childcare ...

Online Safety for Children in Early Years

Online Safety for Children – Safeguarding Children and Protecting Childcare Providers

Online safety refers to the actual act of staying safe online. It's typically called internet safety, cyber safety, or e-safety. This tactic incorporates all technolo...

Health and Safety in Early Years Education

Health and Safety in Early Years Education

Maintaining health and safety within a nursery is critical to the highly vulnerable nature of all early years populations. As the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 speci...

Customisable Online Registration Forms for Childcare and Early Years

How Customisable Online Registration Forms are Changing the Childcare Industry

With the pandemic persisting for well over a year, the world has changed. We’ve started into a startling new reality of health and safety standards that never exist...