Art projects for out of school time

Creative Art Projects for Out-of-School Time

Scraping your well of inspiration for activity ideas? Here is a roundup of some inspiring art projects to kindle your imagination and add a sprinkling of excitement to your out-of-school time art projects. 1. Tribal Mask-Making Handmakery takes good ol’ … Continue Reading

Fun Preschool Maths Activities for Preschoolers

7 Fun Maths Activities for Preschoolers

We have some fun preschool maths activities in our activity round-up this week.   1.Ishful Maths   Before you start wondering about the ‘w’, no, a typo it’s not! It is indeed ‘ishful’ maths, and an interesting new take on … Continue Reading

Circle time activity ideas for preschoolers

8 Circle Time  Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

When you have a group of chirpy preschoolers with attention spans averaging 10-15 minutes (20 at best!), you won’t have a choice but to arm yourself with a massive stock of activity ideas. To make your activity-hunt a wee bit … Continue Reading

benefits of sensory play : messy sensory play

Is Sensory Play Really Worth the Mess?

Sensory play can get quite messy. Wrestling nasty stains. Shampooing off sticky bits of goo from their tangled locks. Removing mysterious pieces of debris from the washing machine. There is no escaping the mound of cleaning and stain-removing that sensory … Continue Reading

Snow day activities - frozen bubble

Activities for a Snowy Day

Before the pristine white layers of fluffy goodness turn into the not-so-magical mounds of slushy grey mess, here’s a round-up of some exciting snow day activities you should try out with your preschoolers. Frozen Bubbles If the grounds outside are … Continue Reading

Creative Cognitive Ideas for Preschoolers

6 Creative Cognitive Activities for Preschoolers

It’s amazing how play can stimulate cognitive development in children – fire up their ability to understand, think, imagine, reason, solve problems and see beyond the obvious. As children, would any of us have imagined our favourite childhood games  (from … Continue Reading

Marshmallow Snowman Edible Christmas craft ideas

Edible Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Tired of the same old paper, tinsel and kitchen-roll tube craft? We have compiled some super cute edible craft ideas for you to try out with kids this Christmas.   Marshmallow Snowman Things you will need: White Marshmallows Chocolate chips … Continue Reading

Easy science experiments for pre-schoolers

4 Easy Science Experiments for Pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers look at the world with a wide-eyed wonder, making it equally inspiring for the teachers to bring in fun and exciting methods of learning into the classroom. Here are a few easy science experiments to kindle the children’s natural … Continue Reading