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Easy science experiments for pre-schoolers

4 Easy Science Experiments for Pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers look at the world with a wide-eyed wonder, making it equally inspiring for the teachers to bring in fun and exciting methods of learning into the class...

Preschool Philosophies: The difference between Montessori and Reggio Emilia

Montessori Vs Reggio Emilia : A Comparison

Montessori and Reggio Emilia are two educational philosophies that are similar in their approach but differ in certain key areas of their methodology. Both were deve...

Ofsted Inspection for Early Years: Myth buster

Ofsted Inspection for Early Years: Myth Vs Fact

Getting ready for an inspection can be a daunting task. Add to the mix the circulating myths about Ofsted’s preferred form of documents and hearsay about specific ...
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How to increase the occupancy rate for your childcare centre

How to increase the occupancy rate for your childcare centre?

One of the biggest hurdles most childcare providers face during the initial years of starting a childcare business is increasing the occupancy rate. It could take a ...

Childcare Business Grant and other financial support for childminders and childminding agencies

Financial Support for Childminders: What are your options?

ul.cna li { text-align: justify;} If you are a childminder in the UK, did you know you could be eligible for the following financial support from the Government...

Prevent bullying in after school clubs

How to Prevent Bullying in After School Clubs

A seemingly harmless prank. Playful banter. It is quite easy for bullying to put on the innocent disguise of a joke and stealthily shake a vulnerable mind, scarring ...

What a daycare management software like Cheqdin can do for your childcare business

What can a daycare management software do for your childcare business?

It will help you work smarter and not harder. An intelligent daycare management software can help you simplify the routine tasks in your business (bookings, sign-in ...

What does a cloud based preschool management software mean for a childcare centre owner?

Cloud-based preschool management software: What does the ‘cloud’ part mean for you as the customer?

You decide to do a bit of online research for a simple, straightforward, pre-school management software for your childcare business and out comes a mix of technology jarg...

Marketing tips for out of school clubs: Ways to promote your after school club

Marketing Tips for Out of School Clubs: 7 Ways to Promote your After-School Program

From grabbing the fleeting attention of the parent searching online for an after-school program to convincing the sceptical local school authorities to let you distribute...