Billing and Invoicing for Childcare Business

6 Billing and Invoicing Lessons Childcare Businesses Should Not Ignore

A few small changes in the way you handle your billing and invoicing is all it sometimes takes to help you maintain your cash flow and cut down unnecessary delays in payments owed to you. 1. Set your terms and … Continue Reading

Kindergarten Designs - WeGrow Kindergarten

4 Amazing Kindergarten Designs from Around the World

1. WeGrow Kindergarten, New York City Futuristic, playful yet homelike and structured – WeGrow’s open-plan Kindergarten in New York City is a visual treat and a refreshing change from the traditional compartmentalised classrooms. The private elementary school and kindergarten follows … Continue Reading

Creative Cognitive Ideas for Preschoolers

6 Creative Cognitive Activities for Preschoolers

It’s amazing how play can stimulate cognitive development in children – fire up their ability to understand, think, imagine, reason, solve problems and see beyond the obvious. As children, would any of us have imagined our favourite childhood games  (from … Continue Reading

Reporting Accidents and Incidents to Ofsted : Reporting an injury to Ofsted

Falls, Scrapes and Tumbles: When and What does Ofsted need to know?

Small scrapes, falls and tumbles are a natural part of growing up. Administering first aid, logging the injury in an accident book (or digital childcare record) and informing parents is just about all that’s required of childcare providers when it … Continue Reading

Marketing tips for childcare businesses: Listing with business directories

Marketing Tips for Childcare Businesses: Listing with Business Directories

With the internet swallowing up the yellow pages and other traditional platforms of advertising, the marketing success of any businesses now mostly revolves around their ability to rank high on the results page of Google. If you are looking for … Continue Reading

Paperless Sign-In Sheets for After School Care Programs

Switching To Paperless Sign-In Sheets : What should After-School Programs look for?

Paperless sign-in sheets – a feature one would have thought of as a premium-priced luxury a decade ago has now come down from its pedestal and become a convenient, affordable tool accessible to the wider market. All thanks to modern … Continue Reading

Take the Leap with Cheqdin Childcare Software

Take the Leap

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are – J.P. Morgan   As anyone who’s ever walked down the entrepreneurial route would admit, the biggest step to move closer to … Continue Reading