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The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are – J.P. Morgan

  As anyone who’s ever walked down the entrepreneurial route would admit, the biggest step to move closer to your dream is mustering the courage to get started – the courage to shake off the ‘Should I’ s and ‘What Ifs’ that freeze you into inaction and hold your dreams from taking flight.   As 2018 disappears beyond the horizon and 2019 peeps out, we wish all our dear readers an amazing year filled with opportunities, growth and the gumption to take that first big step towards your dream! Here is hoping that you get to follow your passion, take your decisions out of the ‘pending’ folder and soar into 2019 with élan.   We’d also like to thank the fabulous bunch of people we’ve met and had the privilege to work with - childcare providers and fellow entrepreneurs – who have been an inspiration for us to take the plunge and develop a software that we are proud to say is growing from strength to strength.   Cheqdin has now become the UK’s first fully-automated SaaS childcare software.  We’ve been able to develop some brilliant new modules, enter new markets and benefit childcare providers from across the globe. We are adding the final coat of finish to our much-awaited Invoicing module.   And, yes, Cheqxster’s finally walked out of the drawing board and enthusiastically taken over as the brand mascot of Cheqdin. 2018 has indeed been an exciting year for us at Cheqdin!   But we do not plan to stop at that. As we step into the New Year, our team is hard at work to make sure our customers continue to get nothing short of the very best - both in terms of the product and the services we provide.   Once again, we wish all our dear readers and customers a brilliant 2019!   And, if you are still pondering about trying out Cheqdin for your business, what are you waiting for! Sign up for our 7 day Free Trial right away and discover how Cheqdin can help you take your childcare business to the next level.  

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