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Creche Management Software_Cheqdin

Creche Management Software: The Next Big Thing in Creche Management

In higher demand than ever before, Creches satisfy a specific need that has otherwise been unavailable in the childcare setting. Unlike daycare centres, a creche is a day...

Healthy eating in the early years

12 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating in the Early Years

Most adults know that healthy eating is essential for optimal health. We understand that drinking plenty of water, eating nutritious food, and watching what we put into o...

Scaffolding in Early Years

The Ins and Outs of Scaffolding in Early Years

It seems like there are countless teaching methods designed to help children navigate what they learn thoroughly and effectively. Understanding these methodologies can he...

Sensory Play in The Early Years

Sensory Play in The Early Years

Any activity that stimulates a child’s senses can be referred to as sensory play. From splashing their hands during bath time to feeling different textures in a &ld...

Understanding Early Years Pedagogy

In the UK, several frameworks and building blocks exist when it comes to primary early years education. They form the basic, concrete learning framework we must follow. T...

5 Tips To Promote Summer Learning for School-Age Kids

Summer vacation is a fantastic time to make memories with your children and enjoy a relaxed schedule free from homework. However, children can lose some of their academic...

Managing Challenging Behaviour in Children During the Pandemic

One of the biggest challenges childcare providers have been facing through the pandemic is dealing with newfound emotional and behavioural changes in children. From be...

Virtual circle time with preschoolers

5 Tips for Virtual Circle Time with Preschoolers

Who would have imagined we would see a day where teachers would sit across a screen managing a class of chirpy preschoolers, deftly navigating technology in a way th...

Socially distanced Christmas activities for kids

Socially Distanced Christmas Activities for 2020

As we get to the end of a year of oddities, let's dust off some old traditions, bend a few, and make some new ones. From enjoying the simple pleasures of time spent ...

Easy Halloween costume Ideas for Kids

10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

What is scarier than a little vampire pouncing on you in the middle of a call? A disgruntled toddler heading for a meltdown because mum and dad were too busy forgot ...