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Well, quite a lot. Contrary to common perception, a childcare software is not one of those expensive digital add-ons meant for bigwig nurseries and large childcare providers. Childcare software for Childminders is a game changer, and you'll see why you should consider using one. It is more of one of those modern-day essentials that can help you run your business more efficiently and pare down the time spent on chores which eat into your productivity, such as managing, storing, organising (and searching for) your paperwork manually. Moreover, this applies to all childcare businesses, no matter whether you are an independent childminder or a chain with multiple nurseries.

It can, in fact, make life a lot easier for self-employed childminders who run their business from their homes, juggling the varied roles of childcare provider - manager -  administrator - nursery chef and accountant, without the luxury of the extra hands that bigger nurseries have.

From providing a smarter and more efficient way of planning, organising and storing your daily reports, attendance and bookings systems to helping you build a great brand image for your childminding business, a good childcare software can play a significant role in revolutionising the way you run your business.


Here are a few areas that childcare software can help childminders with:

      1. Document management

If like most childminders, you maintain a daily diary to record the children’s daily activities to share with the parents and to meet regulatory stipulations, using a digital platform can help you do this more efficiently. Cloud-based childcare software with digital diaries enables you to conveniently replace your old logs with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can record and manage your daily reports, booking calendars and other essential records like attendance reports using a single software. Not only does it help you save all these documents securely in a single place, but it can help you retrieve information more easily as and when required. For instance, just having to type in a child’s name or a date to extract the relevant reports can seem like a blessing if you struggle with the painful task of stowing away piles of folders in overflowing cupboards and sifting through piles of paper with cheeky little monkeys scrambling around your house.

      2. Real-time updates and Photo/Video sharing

Most parents who turn to childminders in favour of larger nurseries make the choice because of the warmer, personalised care they expect a childminder would provide. Nothing could make a parent happier than to see their little one happy and enjoying their day away from them.

A good childcare software can provide a single secure platform to share real-time alerts, photos, videos, daily reports as well as emails and messages with the parents, that again using any of the multiple touch points the software provides, such as your phone, tablet or computer.

     3. Provide a talking point:

Regardless of whether you are operating your childminding service as a casual daycare centre run from your home or as a childcare business with a bigger vision, it is essential to stand out from the rest of the crowd with superior service as well as convey that you run your business to the best professional standards. Using a modern digital platform to engage with parents and manage your setting systematically can help to build a stronger brand and serve as a reflection of how professional you are in running your business.

How Cheqdin can help

If reading all about childcare software is tempting you to dip your toes in and get a feel of the waters, feel free to try Cheqdin Lite for free for seven days. Cheqdin Lite is our special software package tailored for childminders and smaller nursery settings and with an affordable price tag to match. You can try out our full range of features like daily reports, photo/video sharing to smart bookings calendar and ad-hoc booking systems to get a taste of what our software can do for your setting.

Interested in knowing more about childcare software for Childminders? Just drop us a line on hello@cheqdin.com, and one of our friendly team will be in touch with you.

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