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As Christmas peeks around the corner, we have two (well three!) surprises lined up for you – two of which we are unveiling for you here, today - before you get busy with your holidays.


Surprise 1# Cheqxster

Allow us to introduce you to the new face of Cheqdin - our bubbly blue mascot - Cheqxster.

Looks like a distant cousin of Pete’s dragon and the Loch Ness monster he does. But boy, he loves his technology, and he makes no bones about it either!

Cheqxster - Cheqdin's brand mascot

He’s on a mission to reach out to childcare providers across the globe and help them manage the day-to-day tasks of their business efficiently with Cheqdin’s affordable subscription plans.

No matter whether you’re a nursery, preschool, after-school program, out of school club, holiday club scheme, home daycare centre or childminder - Cheqxster’s got something in his kitty for you.

And the good news is, it doesn’t end there.

He likes to make sure anyone who uses Cheqdin is genuinely benefitted by it, and all our users enjoy an amazing customer experience.

You could be a free trial user, a Cheqdin subscriber, home daycare centre or a nursery chain. But if at any point you think you need any assistance, all you need to do is give him a shout, and he’ll make sure his brilliant customer support team is with you right away to help resolve your queries.

If you are already a part of our Cheqdin family, you’ ll also see him pop by to your inbox every week with some useful product tips to help you make the most of all the brilliant new features we have created for you.


Surprise 2 # Free Printable Templates

Free Printable Templates for daycare centres

This one is a little present from us at Cheqdin to all our friends from the childcare industry who are not on the digital platform or are trying to start a new childcare business.

We have created a whole set of free printable templates for you to download, print and use for your business. From customised business plan templates for nurseries, afterschool programs, childminders and home daycare centres to printable sign-in sheets and emergency contact forms, we have a collection of some useful templates to get you started. Check out our free templates page to download the ones you need.


Surprise 3 # A Much-Awaited Add-On for Cheqdin

As excited as we are to break this surprise to you, we’ve been asked to stomach it a bit longer as our technology team is now hard at work giving it the final finish. All we can tell you now is, psst…it’s a new add-on for Cheqdin that you’re going to love!

Remember to keep an eye on this space, and we promise to be back with the announcement soon.

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