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With the pandemic persisting for well over a year, the world has changed. We’ve started into a startling new reality of health and safety standards that never existed before. We once welcomed children into centres with open arms, encouraged sharing, and thrived for continuous interaction; we now have social distancing and mandated regulations. boo


Even with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in many parts of the world, the childcare landscape is constantly changing and evolving; it’s imperative businesses make transactions contactless as much as possible. Limiting and reducing paperwork needs to remain a vital objective for centres, especially paperwork going home and returning to the facility daily. Previously, parents were required to sign their child in at drop off and sign them out at pick up. This daily contact needs to occur for the children’s health, well-being, and safety but should ultimately transition to a contactless method. Cloud-based childcare management software and customisable online registration forms for childcare centres reduce these contact points by limiting direct contact and the exchange of paperwork between parents and staff in settings.


Digital Solutions Can Help Strengthen Your Childcare Business

Digital solutions, such as Typeform, often run as an information-gathering tool; however, industry-specific solutions like Cheqdin extend beyond the reach of standard information collection and provide smarter childcare software features. These platforms work to automate the entire sales pipeline into an actionable sales funnel process.


Providers can accept, enrol, monitor, and promote vacancies with the click of a button. This automation improves the ease of use for both parent and provider, giving you a contactless and, more important, a frictionless connection from the very first enquiry.


Few Notable Benefits of Contactless Online Registration Forms


- Choose from a range of registration form templates for childcare providers. It’s easy to edit, and any template is ready to use within 10 minutes.

- Capture real-time updates in a safe and contactless manner, with no exchange of paper.

- Customisable registration forms can be configured to your specific needs.

- Virtually send forms to parents for review as needed (or annually, as mandated by regulatory authorities).

- Club your registration form with your booking form if you want to take bookings online.

- Engage more with your customers through customised welcome and thank you pages.  

- Access to enquiries and waitlists for the centre, with the ability to market vacant spaces.

- Collect online registration fees from parents through the platform.

- Send attachments, messages and more through an interactive registration chat platform that provides direct two-way communication with parents and carers.


Online registration solutions also connect parents and providers virtually, without direct face-to-face contact. They also leverage the power of social media and other marketing mediums (such as a centre’s website) to capitalise on their marketing effort. Accessing potential clients using social media brings a more cost-effective marketing budget with a broader audience. Sharing vacancies directly with social media platforms connects childcare centres with hundreds of potential clients without pushing their marketing budget further.


Thanks to indexable pages, customers will also enjoy increased local exposure (Google uses indexes to search for relevant results online). Businesses won’t have to manage online ads, targeted SEO, or submit their websites to Google independently, saving time and energy, making it an ideal solution for small-medium sized childcare businesses.


Upsell Vacant Spaces and Run at Full Capacity


Cloud-based digital platforms such as Cheqdin provide a simple, easy-to-setup program designed to facilitate online registration between parent and childcare provider without the hassle of printing, distributing, submitting, and filing. It’s completely customisable with personalised form creation, custom link, and brand management through their design settings.


Childcare providers using other childcare software can easily integrate Cheqdin to function alongside any additional software. This simplified integration allows the incorporation of customisable online registrations and bookings without disruption of daily workflow.


Simplifying Childcare Management 


Any digital or cloud-based software system should fundamentally help you improve how you attract, onboard, and manage your customers. This, in turn, allows you to develop better relationships with them and keep their business in the long term. 


A reliable and effective childcare software platform is an integral part of a successful childcare business, and Cheqdin was built with this in mind. It allows you to streamline your entire childcare management routine regardless of how big or small your centre is. Cheqdin is offered free for up to 15 children for as long as you’d like to use the service. It’s not a trial or locked version.


With your free rise plan, you’ll have access to all features – online registrations, bookings, daily registers, online payments, invoicing, messenger, parents portal, and free apps! There are no hidden costs or unexpected add-on bills; just a premium service connecting your business to what matters most – your customers. Sign up free today.

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