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With mounting costs, overheads and red tapes, running an After School Club as a profitable business is no child’s play (pardon the pun!) For most owners, it is the passion rather than the profits that keep their business going.

Let alone holidays, taking a few days off sick is sometimes not an option for many. However, we at Cheqdin believe it does not have to be that way if you have an efficient system to take care of your business even while you are away.

With Cheqdin’s smart childcare software and app, you can remotely oversee the day to day activities at your out of school club. Moreover, it will not cost you an arm and a leg as developing and maintaining an in-house app/software would. Here’s what Cheqdin can help you with:  


Rake in more revenue with an efficient Adhoc bookings management system

Managing ad-hoc bookings and the accompanying paperwork can be a nightmare if you follow the conventional phone-in-to-see-if-we-have-a-place-today routine. That is simply the reason why most after school clubs go with the ‘no ad-hoc’ policy and turn down the extra revenue that comes with it. Believe it or not, some club owners are not even aware how much revenue they are turning away by doing this!

Cheqdin’s ad-hoc booking system has been developed to get around this problem and help out of school clubs, and nurseries operate at full capacity, and efficiently at that.

How the whole thing works is, the parents place ad-hoc requests using Cheqdin’s free and easy to use app, and you as the owner/manager will get a push notification on your phone immediately. You can quickly approve or decline the request (from your desktop/tablet/phone), well, let’s say, sitting comfortably at your home or on the go, and the parents will instantly get a notification on their phone.

That’s not all. Now that you have approved the ad-hoc booking, you do not have to stress out about calling up someone at your childcare centre to update the new booking in the daily register/attendance record. Neither do you have to do it yourself.

Cheqdin’s intuitive system will make sure the new booking gets synced automatically with the daily register of the child’s respective class/room. Your staff just need to log in to the Cheqdin app using the device in your setting, and the fully updated electronic attendance sheet for the day will be on the system, waiting for them!


Real-time reports and comprehensive overview of daily activities

Cheqdin’s smart dashboard is designed to give you a comprehensive, real-time report of all that goes on at your out of school club/nursery. From live counters of the number of children who are signed in at a given time to a real-time record of the attendance of the staff and children, Cheqdin gives you a panoramic view and (a secure cloud-based electronic record) of the daily activities in your setting.

As the admin, you can also easily download and save the attendance sheets and reports in PDF and Excel formats to suit the requirement of your country’s specific Child Inspectorate. Also, you have access to monitor (and delete as appropriate) the daily reports, photos, videos, comments and files uploaded by the staff members using Cheqdin’s interactive parent engagement app.

It doesn’t end there. Cheqdin is power packed with a lot more exciting features that we have developed in close collaboration with our trusted team of childcare providers, who, like you have trodden these paths in your very shoes.

We’ll take you through each of our innovative features which are designed to make your life easier. Watch this space for our next post.  

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