Starting a holiday club or holiday play scheme in the UK

What Should You Know When Setting Up a Holiday Club for Children?

Thinking of setting up a new holiday club for kids? Although there is no dearth of information these days, we know how difficult it can sometimes be to find all the relevant information you need, in one place. As a … Continue Reading

Business Structure for Out of School Clubs

Choosing the Right Business Structure for Your Out of School Club

When it comes to choosing a business structure for your out of school club, there are quite a few factors you will need to consider, such as  – the funds you will need, the extent of personal liability you are … Continue Reading

Staff Qualification for Out of School Clubs in the UK

A Guide to Essential Staff Qualification for Out of School Clubs

Thinking of starting an out of school club in the UK? Here is our quick guide to the qualification requirements for out of school club staff in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. England Apart from a few exceptions, most … Continue Reading

Starting an Activity Club in the UK

5 Things to Know When Starting an Activity Club

Activity clubs and out-of-school clubs are two terms that are often used interchangeably. Although both provisions typically operate before/ after school and during school holidays, there is a significant difference between the two. Activity clubs provide lessons or tuitions to … Continue Reading

Smarter Working Habits

5 Smarter Working Habits You Should Embrace This New Year

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Starting an out of school club in the UK

What Should You Know When Starting an Out of School Club in the UK?

Out of School Clubs: An Overview Out of school clubs offer wrap-around childcare for working parents before and after school and during school holidays. The services offered by the clubs would typically include picking up/dropping off the children to and … Continue Reading

Online payment for after school bus and childcare business

How to Accept Online Payments for Your Childcare Business?

If you are planning to accept online card payments from your customers, here’s a look at the options that are currently available for childcare providers. And the best part is, not all these systems require you to have a website. … Continue Reading

After School Payment Collection

How to Speed Up Your After School Payment Collection?

Asking for payments is never easy. But when you have a business to run and bills to pay, you can’t be left out of pocket for long. Here is a look at some of the best practices to speed up … Continue Reading

Top 3 Things Childcare Providers Hate About Invoicing 

Creating each invoice from scratch Varying booking patterns, ad-hoc sessions, cancellations, late fees, funded hours…whew! It can be an absolute nightmare hopping between spreadsheets, Word documents and a pile of paper records – making the calculations and typing out individual … Continue Reading

Common Errors in Childcare Invoicing and How to Avoid Them

Handling your invoicing correctly is a key step to ensure your business has a healthy cash-flow and a plump bottom-line. Get the process wrong and you could be on the road to delayed payments, muddled accounts and a strained relationship … Continue Reading