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Dear Cheqdin Family,

As we finally leave behind a year we were totally unprepared for; we thank each and every one of you and the entire childcare sector for the remarkable work you have been putting in during this pandemic. It’s nothing short of incredible how each of us, as businesses and as people, have adapted and evolved to the changes, made some difficult decisions, got back on our feet and supported those around us while trying hard to keep our businesses afloat.

As much as all of us hope to return to some form of normalcy very soon, we know the new normal might not be quite what it was during the pre-pandemic times. Some of the tweaks we have had to make to our services and business models might be here to stay, and we might need to come up with more inventive ones as we move forward.

Being a software provider, we have always been avid proponents of digitisation. But we feel technology and digitisation will take on a whole new meaning for businesses in the post-pandemic world.

From contactless admin management to remote access for business records, many of the capabilities we have viewed so far as good-to-have features will become essential for businesses to regain customer confidence, operate smoothly and cushion themselves against unexpected eventualities in the future.

Right from the outset, our goal at Cheqdin has been to simplify technology and make it accessible and affordable to childcare businesses of all sizes. We are now working on adding more capabilities to our existing features and such as online payments, to simplify the work you do as a childcare business, every day.

We are also happy to announce, we have been voted the Category Leader for Daycare Software by GetApp and recognised among the Top 20 Global Childcare Software by the independent software reviewer, Capterra. You can read our customer reviews here.

As a gesture of appreciation for your amazing work during these challenging times, and to give you a head start this new year,  we are offering a 50% discount on Cheqdin to all our new and existing customers, till the 31st of January, 2021. Please visit our website or portal to learn more or upgrade now.

Once again, we wish you all a great New Year ahead! Let's all take with us the one good thing that has come out of the pandemic - a whole new appreciation for the little pleasures in life and the precious time with our loved ones that we sometimes take for granted.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your holidays with your lovely families!

The Cheqdin Team

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