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Creating each invoice from scratch

Varying booking patterns, ad-hoc sessions, cancellations, late fees, funded hours…whew! It can be an absolute nightmare hopping between spreadsheets, Word documents and a pile of paper records – making the calculations and typing out individual invoices when you have a whole host of variables to consider each time. Get one detail wrong, and you could be setting off the fireworks for payment delays, confusion and a whole lot of additional admin to boot.

Being clueless about the status of their invoice

How many times have you wished you could set up something like a 'read receipt' for your invoices? It can be really frustrating when you have all your outgoing bills flying out of your account, and you have no way of knowing what is happening with your incoming payments.

Has your customer even received your invoice? Have they made the bank transfer? Do you quickly send them an email to check, or should you give them a couple more days before you ask? The guesswork isn’t fun.

Lost invoices

Like the mysterious single socks that disappear from our laundry baskets, there is always the odd annoying document that you were sure you’d saved but decides to go missing right when you need it. The ‘search’ tab in your ‘sent’ email can sometimes be a lifesaver and help you fish it out in time. But things can take a terrifying turn when you end up misplacing or damaging your original invoices (or the back-ups of your historical records) – and run the risk of losing legal compliance.

Ever been through a similar situation? We know how you feel.

We have been talking to our customers to make sure every feature we create at Cheqdin can genuinely help you solve these practical issues and simplify the way you run your childcare business. From creating invoices automatically to tracking and reconciling your invoices and backing them all up securely in the cloud – our invoicing system takes care of all those dreary bits that accompany the invoicing process.

So, what can Cheqdin do to help?

Automate your invoice generation

Do you want to create your invoices monthly, weekly or termly with the ad-hoc fees/discounts/extras added in for the relevant invoices? Cheqdin’s unique childcare invoicing system allows you to factor in all the variables you need and create batches of invoices within minutes.

Rules Based Invoicing for after school clubs

You can find more details on how it all works in our post on rules-based invoicing.

Track and Reconcile your invoices

Our smart dashboard helps you keep track of the status of your invoices. If you are using our direct debit system, you will even have all incoming direct debit payments matched to their specific invoice numbers and automatically updated on your system. You will get a complete payment summary for each child with a real-time status update on the progress of each payment - in good ol' plain English!

Online payments summary 

Back-up all your files

And not least of them all, our system will automatically save all your invoices in the cloud, which means, you will never have to worry about losing a single one of your invoices. We will have it all backed up and stored securely in one place for you. You can log in to your account from anywhere and pull out every single invoice and trace all activity associated with each.

Interested to find out more? Feel free to book a demo with our product expert or try out Cheqdin for free.

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