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Cheqdin's online registration is one feature you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

The forms are super simple to set up and share. And the best part is, you can use it as part of our complete childcare management solution, or on its own - as a stand-alone function - even if you’re using another childcare software for your observations or administrative needs.

Let’ have a closer look at all the amazing things Cheqdin’s online registration platform can do for you.

A custom form to put your brand in the spotlight

We know customisation is a luxury you rarely expect from subscription software solutions. Although most subscription solutions offer you the essential features at an affordable price, they generally do not give customers the option to put their personal stamp or highlight their branding.

At Cheqdin, we’ve always loved to go the extra mile for our customers. So our requirement was clear right from the set. Create a solution that would help us keep the price point affordable, but give each customer the freedom to showcase their brand.

That’s how we came up with the idea of CheqForm - a customisable form with a 'custom link' for each centre. You can add or delete fields in the template, add your logo and generate the custom link to your forms.

Online Registration Form for Little Unicorn Daycare


A 'register now' button for your website

Once you generate your link, you have the option to create a registration button and route your customers directly through your site.  All you need to do is follow the simple instructions you’ll find next to your form and add the link to your website as a ‘Register Now’ or ‘Register Online’ button (or however you choose to call it).


Website Register Now Link


Don’t have a website? No problem.

Now, what do you do if you do not have a website? Our unique system will still let you collect your registrations online. Just sign in to your Cheqdin account, copy the link, pin it to your social media accounts or share it with your customers by text message or email. Here's an example of what your link will look like if you pin it on your Facebook account.

Online Registration Form - Facebook Share


A dashboard to manage your registration pipeline

The beauty of our online registrations is it’s not all about the cool forms alone. Besides creating your own forms and sharing them on multiple platforms, you can also keep track of all the applications from an easy-to-use dashboard.


Little Unicorn Registrations Dashboard


You can segregate your leads into enquiries, toured, wait-listed or enrolled categories, and click each child’s name and drill down deeper for more details. That’s not all. You can even chat with parents from an in-built messenger on the dashboard and get them to attach any supporting documents securely.

Auto-sync to cut down data entry

Our auto-sync function has been designed to save you the trouble of extracting each child’s details and typing them manually into your children’s register. The sync feature will automatically fetch the relevant information from each approved form and sync them into your register (and from there to your sign-in sheets). Sounds great right?

Now, wondering what to do with the big stack of paper registration forms you collected from all the existing children at your setting? We have got that bit sorted for you too.

Simply use our ‘bulk upload’ feature and enter the basic registration details of all the children into your Cheqdin children’s register. Our system will then automatically generate new online registration forms for each child you entered in the register. And our auto-sync feature will get to work again, and fill in the data you entered in your register.

As you will still need more registration details and consent to be filled in by parents, you can use the 'unlock function' on the form, and we will trigger an email to each parent, asking them to complete and submit the forms. And, we'll notify you every time you receive a new submission.

All of it for free

No matter how big or small your centre is, you can use Cheqdin for free for 25 children. And for as long as you want. Not only that. It’s not just the online registrations you will get with your account. You get our full set of features with your subscription – online bookings, daily registers, online payments, invoicing, parents portal, messenger and free apps included! It’s up to you to choose as many or as few as you want to use.


Stuck with paper registrations and endless admin?

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