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Childcare Trends in 2024 - Cheqdin

Childcare Trends To Know About In 2024

Childcare provision is changing across the UK and the world. Childcare in 2024 is set to evolve procedurally and digitally, with more families than ever before accessin...
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NCS and ECCE Funding Software Ireland

How Cheqdin Helps Irish Providers Stay Compliant with NCS and ECCE Requirements

The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) has been introduced to give financial support to parents who need help meeting the cost of childcare. Up to €230 a week can be cl...

Back-to-school early years centre preparation

How to prepare your centre for back to school season

There are many aspects of early years centre preparation to consider as the summer holidays draw to a close. This can be a very busy time of year for early years centres ...

customisable childcare registration form

How To Create A Professional Childcare Registration Form

Any parent looking to access childcare services will be thankful for a quick, easy and effective point of access. That's why at Cheqdin, we like to make it simple for...

Childcare occupancy rate - Cheqdin

15 Ways to Increase Your Settings Childcare Occupancy Rate

Our previous blog covered effective ways to market your childcare business. But marketing your business is only one component of your childcare success. Childcare occupan...

30 Ways to Market your Childcare Business

30 Ways to Market Your Childcare Business

Looking into childcare business marketing strategies for your business is often time-consuming and expensive. It seems there are countless options, both online and offlin...

Creche Management Software_Cheqdin

Creche Management Software: The Next Big Thing in Creche Management

In higher demand than ever before, Creches satisfy a specific need that has otherwise been unavailable in the childcare setting. Unlike daycare centres, a creche is a day...

Customisable Online Registration Forms for Childcare and Early Years

How Customisable Online Registration Forms are Changing the Childcare Industry

With the pandemic persisting for well over a year, the world has changed. We’ve started into a startling new reality of health and safety standards that never exist...

Cheqdin Launches a Full Online Payment Solution for Childcare Providers

And yes, it’s finally here! We have tied up with PayPal to create a complete online payment solution for childcare providers. Along with our offline and direct d...